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Magic square of a sunny canvas
The Central House of Artists invites you to the exhibition "Sunny Square - IX", held in the framework of the 7th International Arts Festival "Sunny Square-2001" Vologda - Moscow - Luxembourg - Moscow. Every canvas is a window to another universe, another dimension lurking behind the veil of the visible world. In a way it is a magic square which enables us to peer into this mysterious dimension, into the world beyond any borders or limits. The idea implied by the concept of artists belonging to the association "Sunny Square" is that through this window opened to us by the creator, through the face of the crystal ball animated by a touch of a Master's hand, flows the light from that close and yet elusive world, and shines an invisible sun. An International Public Association of Artists "Sunny Square" has been holding international exhibitions at the Central House of Artists for eight years in a row. This exhibitions simultaneously serve as the place for reviewing results of numerous painting, graphic art, and imagery symposia organized by the Association in Russia and abroad, as well as the muster for your artists who come to join the association. This year "Sunny Square-2001", which is the seventh Festival of this series, is held in two countries - in Russia and in Luxembourg. The opening ceremony took place in Vologda on June 28. After the exhibition in Moscow the Festival will move to Luxembourg, where a symposium, an arts and handicraft fair, a concert program and an exhibition of works by symposium participants are going to be organized from 20 August to September 14. Then the Festival will return to Moscow where an exhibition and an auction will be held at the State central Exhibition Hall "Manezh". The exhibition will be open from August 8 to September 2 at halls NN2-3.

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