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Danilovskiy Monastery

Danilovskiy Monastery

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A summer tour over Europe in photos
The Architectural Museum presents an exhibition of old-time stereopair taxiphotos "A European tour of a Russian family in a pre-WW1 summer". In the summer before the 1st World War which started in 1914 a rank-and-file Russian family decided to make a trip to Europe. They visited Austria and Switzerland, followed by Germany, France and England. At the beginning of the tour the family also visited Poland and Finland, but at that time these countries which were a part of the Russian empire were not regarded as foreign. Thanks to this trip the photocollection of the Architectural Museum now includes a wonderful set of 600 amateur photos which impressed the images of the lost world of the early 20th century. The exhibition displays 48 snapshots presented as a traveling diary: first the Alexandrovsky (Belorussian) railway station, then Warsaw with its now destroyed Russian Cathedral, followed by the views of the Alps taken in two countries, houses, hotels, births, railway stations, touching pictures of cars, genre-pieces, and a photo of St. Petersburg port which the travelers visited at the end of their tour.

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