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Danilovskiy Monastery

Danilovskiy Monastery

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Exhibition of Old Belief published books
State Public Historical Library of Russia is demonstrating an exhibition of book artwork which started on September, 14, and will last up to October, 5 and is called "By Ancient Piety". Old Belief editions of XVII - XXI centuries from the depositories of the Museum are presented here. The exhibition has been timed to the Church New Era, e.g. the beginning of 7510 from Adam. Old Belief published books of the period of 3,5 centuries, that is from the middle of XVII century up to production of Old Belief publishing-houses of 2001 will be first shown to the visitors of this book artwork exhibition. The oldest edition exposed is "The Book of Faith" published in 1648 and telling of theological and dogmatic basis of "Old Faith". Of special interest are certainly editions of XIX century published abroad and secretly brought to Russia, the so called "self-publish" which are presented at the exhibition; they were printed by hectograph. Some of the exhibits are unique. The exhibition brings one in touch with "living history" through books, objects of Old Belief culture and contacts with representatives of "Old Faith" who will be on duty at the exhibition.

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