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  • 70 лет Пакту Рериха
  • Preserved Nature and People
  • Salvador Dali. Golden Age
  • Arts Heritage of Yakutiya
  • XX Century Icelandic Art
  • Cloisters of Rostov Veliky and its Outskirts
  • History of Relations Between Ukraine and Russia
  • Cave-Treasury in Museum of Architecture
  • History of Development of Russian Weapons Culture
  • Cultural Heritage of Moldova
  • World of Japanese Book
  • House Deposited to Museum of Architecture
  • Patriarchy Nikon and His Time
  • Exhibition of Collections from the Netherlands
  • Music in Russian Art of the 19-20th Centuries
  • Historical Heritage of Moscow
  • "Coffee House" in Tsaritsyno
  • Massimo Scolari's Thirty Years of Creative Work
  • Secret Symmetry of Existence
  • Tokyo Still Life by Nobueshi Araki
  • Photographic Exhibition "Another Deed of Baranovsky"
  • Troitse-Sergieva Lavra and Russian Czars
  • Exhibition in the Museum and Estate "Archangelskoe"
  • Native Motives in Exhibition Hall "Izmailovo"
  • Antique Art in the Museum of Architecture
  • Made in France
  • Traditional Exhibition "Gospremia 2001"
  • Trophy Photographs of Architecture of Third Reich
  • Exhibitions in the Folk Crafts Fund
  • Photo Exhibition "Bumblebee
  • Exhibition of Works by Julia Karpova in "Old English Yard"
  • Asker Mamedov. Painting and Graphics
  • Drawings of the 16-17th Centuries
  • Cold Flame, Hot Ice
  • The Exhibition of Works by the I.Shagin
  • Fashion and Costumes of Russia in the 18th Century Engravings
  • Main Moscow Architects - D.N.Chechulin and A.V.Vlasov
  • Grass, leaves, and trees
  • Sergey Poliakov's Exhibition in Malaya Ordinka Street
  • An exhibition of Decorative Metalwork in Tsaritsino
  • Exhibition "Marina Mikhailovna
  • Art of 1917 - 1932
  • Masterpieces of Russian Wooden Architecture
  • Artistic Heritage of Karelia
  • Exhibition of Russian Author
  • Mutation Theory is 100 Years Old
  • An exhibition of Georgy Lichovid in the Central Artists
  • Devoted to 125-th Anniversary of Stephan Erzjia
  • Exhibition of Old Belief published books
  • At the State Museum of Fine Arts by name of A.S. Pushkin
  • Photo-exhibition "In the underwater kingdom"
  • A.M. Pozdneev
  • An exhibition from the collection of the Tea and Coffee Museum
  • 10th anniversary of August 1991 events
  • The surrounding world as a feast of life
  • "Transformation of shape" at Arkhangelskoye
  • History and map: development of national cartography
  • Exhibition "Washed by warm seas: "
  • Water colors by Sergei Andriyaki at Kolomenskoye
  • Photos of Shining Flowers
  • World of Yakut Holiday "Ysyakh"
  • Icelandic Photography. Retrospective
  • Sculpture and Gobelin in Interior
  • To 125th Birthday of Maximilian Voloshin
  • Chronicle of Historical Zone Destruction
  • XVII Century French Painting
  • To 95th Anniversary of State Darwin Museum
  • Opening of New Name in the Recent History of Art
  • Classics of Russian Photography. Dmitry Baltermants
  • Affection For Green Mountains
  • Sky Observation in Photos
  • Artist of "DA" Circle. Space of an Object
  • Plaster, Fountains, Bars and Puddles
  • Neomodern by Mikhail Vorobiev
  • Contemporary Artists - to Pushkin
  • Walks Around Moscow of 40-50s
  • Two Nikolo-Gustunsky Cathedrals in the Museum of Architecture
  • Collector of Russian Antiquities
  • Sketches by Sofya Yunovich
  • Personal Exhibition of Works by Ludmila Zinchenko
  • Russian Berlin 1918 - 1941
  • Museum of Shawl in Pavlovsky Posad
  • World of Reserved Russia
  • Art Photographs of Chukotka
  • Exhibition of Works by Rudolf Khachatrian from Armenia
  • Experimental Area of V.Koleichuk
  • After 11 September: Pictures From the Epicenter of the Tragedy
  • Russian Culture - A Look Through Centuries
  • The World of Russian Remote Place
  • It Has Been Lately, It Had Been Long Ago
  • 280 years from the day of confirmation of Table of Ranks
  • The First Exhibition of the Peterhof "Treasures" in Moscow
  • Reliquiae From Ipatievsky Monastery
  • 130-year Birthday of the State Historical Museum
  • Russian Paintings from the Collection of the Penza Art Gallery
  • The Treasures of Small Towns of Russia
  • Sinai Icons of the 6-7th Century
  • Siberian Moods in Photos
  • "The Highest Measure" in Works of Art
  • Precious Furniture of Modern Times
  • Trading Center "Nail" is accepted in deposit
  • Sculpture Made of Home Implements
  • Treasures of Vladimir Land
  • The Bolins
  • An Image of the Earth from another point of view
  • An exhibition devoted to children
  • Father Mickhail
  • "Red October" in the Red Square
  • Traditions of Moscow hospitality
  • William Broomfield. 30 years in Russia
  • Exhibition to the 40-th anniversary of consecration of Patriarchy
  • African cultures at the Museum of Oriental Arts
  • A summer tour over Europe in photos
  • Magic square of a sunny canvas
  • Unique pieces of Russian olden time
  • Photo-exhibition "Old masters. Photographic heritage"
  • Russian America. Imperial Russia and the New World
  • Preserved relics of the Solovetsky Monastery
  • Cartoon and caricature by A.P. Malishevsky
  • Concert of group "State of Bengal"
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