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Danilovskiy Monastery

Danilovskiy Monastery

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The Moscow Kremlin

The Kremlin Towers
In 17-th century the Kremlin was finally formed as the tsar residence. Almost all Kremlin towers got their beautiful hipped roof completion in the middle of the century. Each of the Kremlin towers has its own name.

Cathedral Square
This is the main Kremlin square. The Cathedral Square (Sobornaya Ploschad) has already been in 1326. It is surrounded by three cathedrals: the Assumption, the Annunciation and Archangel cathedrals. The actual Cathedral Square was built at the end of the 15-th century under the Moscow Grand Prince Ivan III.

Ivan the Great Bell-Tower
There was not large Ivanov Bell-Tower in the centre of the Kremlin at the beginning of the 14-th century under the Grand Prince Ivan the Moneybag. In due course it was in a bad state of disrepair and on the order of the Prince Ivan III a stone bell-tower was errected at the same place.

State Armoury
Here you will find works of art connected with the history of the Russian state and the development of its artistic culture. The museum building was erected in 1844 from a design by the architect Konstantin Thon, in whose work buildings of the so-called "Russian style" played a particularly important part.

Hall of Facets in the Kremlin
Main events of Moscow Russia took place in the Kremlin Hall of Facets. It was the gala throne-room for Russia Tsars. It was the largest and the highest room in Old Moscow (its square is five hundred square metres and the height is nine metres)

The Terem Palace in the Kremlin
After the conflagration in 1635, Russian master builders Bazhen Ogurtsov, Antip Konstantinov, Trefil Sharutin and Larlon Ushakov built new brick chambers for the tzar on to the parts of the older wooden palace erected by the architect Alevisio Fryazin in 1499-1508.

Tsar Bell and Tsar Cannon

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